Due detective e un bassotto

di Enrico Marigonda

Illustrazioni di Gabriele Scarafia

Two Detectivea and a Dachshund

by Enrico Marigonda

Illustrations by Gabriele Scarafia

With the gift of the gab and a passion for detective novels, Arthur has but one goal: to solve crimes and bring the guilty to justice, along with his loyal dachshund, Poirot. So when a newcomer, Agatha, arrives he can’t believe his luck: not only is she just as enthusiastic about mysteries as he is, she’s also the daughter of Vasquez, the worldfamous detective! The two quickly become
inseparable… just in time! Arthur’s best friend, as been falsely accused of committing a “stinky” crime. Arthur, Agatha and Poirot rush to his aid, ready to unearth the truth using just the right blend of smarts, bravery and…(a dog’s!) sense of smell!

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