This is a gift for you! Yellow Primrose by Elisa Castiglioni An original story for children in quarantine

Over the past couple of months, many of us have wondered, “What can I do to help?”

I’m not a doctor, a nurse, or a factory worker. I don’t work in a supermarket. But we all – young and old – want to do something. Then the answer came to us from our author Elisa Castiglioni, who, like so many of you, asked herself the same question.

When Elisa brought this story to us, she imagined it as a gift for kids everywhere, those who are climbing the walls at home, like so many of us.

Her story reminds us that small gestures may seem like they’re not enough, but they mean so much. Like rainbows drawn on windows, greetings from neighbouring balconies, freshly baked biscuits, warm from the oven, one more phone call, the many words of gratitude we share every day.

Those of us in publishing try to bring great stories to the world. 
Along with Elisa Castiglioni, this story is our way of showing our support today!

Click here to dowload: Yellow Primrose by Elisa Castiglioni!


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