Le Avventure di Nazar Malik

Il Segreto dello Chef

di Olivia Corio

Illustrazioni di Claudia Petrazzi

The Adventures of Nazar Malik

Il Segreto dello Chef

by Olivia Corio

Illustrations by Claudia Petrazzi

Nazar and his family are special: not only are they tattooed, but their tattoos actually come alive! Nazar’s is named Otto and he’s a bungling octopus who loves eating and gobbles down anything he can get his tentacles on. Every time Otto jumps off Nazar’s back, he gets his silly distracted self into some kind of mess! This time he might even end up in the pot of a wicked chef. Nazar will have to move fast if he wants to save him! Luckily enough, the rest of his crazy family – and their tattoos – will come to the rescue!

Original, fun, tongue-in-cheek… irresistible!


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